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Fresh produce in Rocky Mount

Hux Grocery is a historic grocery store that is located in the heart of Rocky Mount, NC. The grocery store was first established in 1927 and was a major staple in the community. Hux Grocery was well known for serving up boiled chitlins with a homemade red pepper and vinegar sauce. Although it was closed down recently for a few years, it was bought by Clinton Phillip in 2015.
Clinton phillip inside the shop

From accountant to business owner

Clinton Phillip, graduated from Wesleyan with a bachelor's degree in accounting. However, instead of pursuing a career as an accountant after graduating, Clinton decided to be a small business owner instead. After finding Hux Grocery through a mutual friend and consulting his family, he decided to sign a lease and invest more than $50,000 in renovations to get Hux Grocery up and running again.

Giving back to the community

One of Phillip's goals of reopening Hux Grocery was to give back to the community. He teamed up with another local business for Black History Month and gave out free food to people. He's always looking to do more community-driven events to help the underprivileged.
Cinton phillip in kitchen
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Improving the environment

He wants people to see hope and possibilities of achieving the impossible. By helping the community and improving the environment, Hux Grocery aims to improve the reputation of the area.
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